Let's Grow Smarter.

Current greenhouse and agriculture operations are inflexible, not smart, and costly. Traditional sensors are fixed in place and require technicians to install, which means additional money. Meanwhile, wireless systems are limited to several meters in range, drain battery quickly, and require multiple routers to cover a reasonable distance.

Insightful. Sustainable. Low-cost.

Canopy systems has designed a low-power and long-range sensor that is perfect for remote agriculture monitoring, without the need for wires and frequent battery charging. Sensors have a range of a few thousand feet indoors, and several thousand feet outdoors. Meanwhile, low-power optimization allows the batteries to last over 1 year, while a solar charging circuit automatically replenishes the battery. A unique top-down visual interface provides information from each sensor, so you’re always in the know.

Above is an early demo of the minimum viable product (MVP): A wireless device measuring light-intensity and soil moisture - constructed from spare parts to minimize cost. This MVP costs us $20 to build. Since then, Canopy has moved onto a more advanced prototype shown below, that's currently running in real greenhouses.

Canopy Sensor

How Canopy Works:

Canopy Architecture

An IoT device equipped with sensors tailored to your growing needs collects and pushes data to the cloud at regular intervals. Never again will you miss your watering schedules, or open the wrong heaters! Best yet, we control the entire IoT data pipeline, from the plants to the cloud.

Future Offering:

Canopy Future Goals

Each Canopy Device is equipped with self-charging batteries powered by the sun - perfect for the greenhouse setting! But wait, there's more. We're working on long-range wireless communication to completely eliminate the WiFi routers of our competitors, developing machine learning services for data analysis, and designing our devices to be extremely low-powered, giving us a competitive edge.